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Kernel Moonie’s started as a passion for kettle corn back in 2011. This passion led us to all the fairs and festivals in the area looking for the best kettle corn. Then the opportunity arose to purchase our own kettle corn business. It was at this point that we found the greatest kettle corn!

In late 2015 the opportunity arose to open up a storefront in downtown Luzerne that would not only allow us to provide our kettle corn year round, but also offer other great flavors as well as candy and gifts!

We invite you to our store located at 57 Main Street in Luzerne to try some of these great popcorn flavors. Also, find candies that will take you back to your childhood and gifts for every occasion and every budget!

We are the sweetest place in Northeast PA!

-Kernel Moonie’s Gourmet Pop

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